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Did you know there is a Jewelry for every outfit?

If you're worried that you have nothing to accessorize your red dress with, think again because there is a piece of jewelry for all kinds of outfits.

Matching jewelry with the outfit is vital. It helps you keep things consistent and ensures that you don't make any fashion mistakes. 

If the jewelry and the outfit don't match with each other, it makes you look weird and out of place.

Such a fumble might make you look as if you don't know about fashion and clothing. And we know how irritating that would be.

We've created this little article to help you get rid of this issue. Depending on your outfit, you can easily choose the right pieces to wear. 


For ethnic wear such as sarees and suits, we suggest wearing gold jewelry. Gold jewelry has always had a strong presence in traditional wear.

You can buy a gold necklace for your ethnic outfit and couple it with a beautiful pair of gold earrings. 

Design-wise, the choice depends on your preferences and the occasion.

For example, if you'll be wearing the ethnic outfit to a simple party, then the jewelry should be simple too.

On the other hand, for a wedding, you'll need bigger and more prominent designs to wear. 


A strapless dress highlights your neck and collarbone. It's the purpose of this dress. 

Clearly, you'd want to keep the focus on those features too. And for that, you should buy diamond pendants or diamond chains.

A diamond necklace can do wonders for you as well.

If you wear a prominent necklace or pendant, just ensure that you don't huge earrings with it. Maintain a balance. 

Otherwise, you'll trigger a power struggle between your different pieces and there would no longer be any focal point.


Off-the-shoulder recently came into trend. They've risen in popularity fast and they'll surely hold the spot for a long time.

With off-the-shoulder dresses, you should choose to go with hoop earrings or drop earrings. They work like magic with an off-the-shoulder dress because of the focal point.

Regarding your neck, you can wear any simple and not too prominent chain or necklace. 


A v-neck dress is an eye-catcher. It shows that you're bold and loves to look your best.

A v-neck dress gives you the opportunity to layer up and wear different chains and pendants of varying length. 

You can combine a diamond chain with a long pendant. The chain will be keeping the focus above while the pendant will showcase the neckline. 

Chains and pendants are a great choice in this regard because they don't overcrowd the space while still accentuating your looks. 

Regarding the choice of design, wear a design which matches the theme of the dress. 


Just like the off-the-shoulder dresses, square neckline dresses are also rising in popularity. 

Wear bracelets and chunky necklaces to accentuate your square neckline. 

Although, a lot of your choice depends on the pattern of the dress, wearing gemstone or gold jewelry would benefit you the most in this case.

Both of them add more color and vibrancy to the dress, which will work perfectly with this kind of modern dresses. 

We suggest wearing bracelets with the necklaces so you can easily maintain a contrast. 

With gemstone jewelry experimenting with colors would be easy as well.


With a sweetheart neckline, you should wear romantic diamond pendants or necklaces. 

This curvy neckline is a great way to experiment with your fashion and style.

Instead of relying on a simple romantic diamond pendant, you can choose to wear a prominent gemstone necklace as well.

A statement piece will go amazingly well with your dress.


For professional attire, you don't have to worry much. You just have to keep these points in mind:

    Wear diamond jewelry

    Wear small jewelry

    Wear simple designs

Wear subtle and simple designs which will not catch too much attention but subtly enhance your beauty.

For earrings, go with studs. They are small yet effective. You can choose between diamond, gemstone, gold and platinum earrings on the basis of your liking and preferences.


You must've noticed that choosing jewelry according to your outfit isn't that difficult. But don't forget that your choice of jewelry depends a lot on the occasion too.

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