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Guide to Avoid Mistakes while Buying an Engagement Ring

Preparing for the big event?

After doing a lot of thinking, you've finally decided to propose to her. And the most important part of a marriage proposal is the engagement ring.

Although, it's the thought that counts, getting her the perfect ring will surely leave her in awe. Imagine, you get her a ring which fits, which matches her fashion and is everything she ever wanted.

Wouldn't that make your marriage proposal more special?

Doing so isn't difficult too. In fact, we have prepared this guide to help you buy a perfect engagement ring for your significant other and avoid the common mistakes many guys make.

It's a long guide, so you'll want to bookmark it for future reference.

Mistake #1: Not Determining a Budget

You must've heard the notion that the engagement ring should be worth your 3 months' salary. While this might sound amazing in theory, in reality, it's impractical.

Getting an engagement ring marks the beginning of a new life for you and her. Don't start it off with debts.

Buying a too expensive diamond ring can ruin many things for you. With that money, you might be able to take her to a nice honeymoon or get her something else later on.

Or, just keep your finances intact.

Instead of going overboard and buying a diamond ring on loan, stop and think for a minute. What's your real budget? What's the most attractive ring you can buy for her within your budget?

Determine these factors and buy an affordable ring.

Mistake #2: Not Knowing her Favourite Designs

Every girl has a personal fashion statement. Some girls like modern and contemporary designs. Others like ethnic or traditional designs.

What are her favorite designs? Is she a fan of big and heavy designs? Or does she like simplicity?

Having an understanding of her favorite designs will help you choose the right ring quickly. An important factor to consider here is the diamond shape.

What's her favorite diamond shape?

If you don't know, diamonds come in many shapes:

1.    Round       6. Trillion

2.    Pear         7. Oval

3.    Princess    8. Heart

4.    Emerald    9. Asscher

5.    Cushion        10. Baguette

As you can see, there are many shapes and it's certain that she'd have a preference for one. You'll need to go through her jewelry and find out her favorite diamond shape and design.

Mistake #3: Not Knowing her Ring Size

What if the ring you buy her doesn't even fit her fingers?

That'd be an awkward situation.

You can't simply guess her ring size and expect it to be accurate. An inaccurate ring will either be too big or too small.

As her boyfriend, you should be aware of her ring size. If you don't know it yet, find it out.

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You can take one of her rings secretly to a jeweler and get it measured. Or, you can ask one of her close friends or family for her ring size.

When the ring will fit her perfectly, she'll be surprised, for sure. It'll also show that you pay attention to her details and you care for her.

So don't be ignorant and find out her ring size beforehand.

Mistake #4: Not Knowing the Setting

For many guys, buying an engagement ring is their first experience in buying jewelry.

And even the smart guys get a little hesitant and confused as to what should they get and what does everything mean.

They get more confused because of the various jargons thrown at them. And one of the biggest jargons is the ring setting.

Ring setting determines the placement and the way the diamonds will be present on the ring. Remember, we mentioned finding out her favorite design? Well, that information will be useful here.

There are multiple ring settings and it's vital that you find out her favorite one. The following are the main ones:

Tiffany Setting: One diamond placed in the middle of the ring.

Bezel Setting: Again, one diamond is placed in the center but it is surrounded by a metal rim. It's more secure than the Tiffany Setting.

Eternity Band: Multiple diamonds are placed all over the ring. It's a ring covered in diamonds and hence the name, Eternity.

There can be many other settings, it's important that you find out her preference first.

Mistake #5: Not Keeping it a Surprise

The best thing about a marriage proposal is the element of surprise. The anticipation and excitement make the moment more special.

And for keeping the proposal a surprise, you'll need to keep the ring a surprise too.

By ruining the surprise, you actually deprive yourself and her of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Surprises are special. That's why we wrap our gifts. That's why Secret Santa is so popular. For keeping your ring and your proposal a surprise, you'll need to do a lot of planning.

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You'll have to find out her favorites secretly, arrange a romantic dinner, hide your excitement and while doing so, make sure that she doesn't find out anything until the last moment.

Just imagine her surprised face when you'll show her the ring and get on your knees.

Mistake #6: Forgetting her Favorite Metal

Just like a preferred diamond shape and ring design, it's certain that she might have a preferred metal.

It'd be wrong to think that everyone loves gold. Even though gold is a popular choice, it might not be her favorite choice.

For finding out her favorite metal, just take a look at the jewelry she currently owns.

Maybe she likes Platinum or Sterling Silver? Finding out this information is vital. Because after the diamond, or the gemstone, the metal would be the most prominent detail of the ring.

You should also be familiar with these metals.

Many men don't know about Platinum. It shines like silver but it's more valuable than gold. On the other hand, silver holds a lot of importance for some too.

Mistake #7: Not Staying Incognito

We discussed how much important it is to keep the ring a surprise. Well, the surprise can get ruined easily if you don't stay incognito.

And by incognito, we mean staying hidden digitally.

Remove any digital evidence through which she may find out about your little surprise. Here are a few examples to clarify the kind of digital evidence we're talking about:

– You searched for 'buy diamond rings online' in your common PC and she notices it in the search history

–    You went to a jewelry store and forgot to turn off Google Maps

–    You ordered the ring online but forgot to remove her number from backup, which results in her getting every notification about the order

These are just a few examples of you can get caught through digital pieces of evidence. You won't be able to keep your ring a secret, this way.

For this purpose, search for the ring on a private window, use a payment method which isn't connected with her devices and avoid using a common device.

Mistake #8: Forgetting to Talk

This one is important.

Is your partner aware that you're planning your life together?

Does she want to spend the rest of her life with you?

Have you ever discussed marriage?

These are hard but simple questions. You don't have to ruin the surprise of the engagement ring but you should have some talks about marriage.

These talks will make sure that you're both on the same page. Nothing hurts more than a 'No' when you're on your knees with a beautiful diamond ring.

Talk it over with your partner. Let her know that you plan on spending the rest of your life with her. And find out if she feels the same way or not.

Talking about marriage won't ruin the surprise. But it'll help you avoid a hateful surprise for sure.

Mistake #9: Making a Hasty Decision

Some people are impatient. Others are restless.

For this process, you need to be patient. The research about different rings and her preferences will take time.

Don't be hasty. Take your time and find out every bit of important information. There are a lot of steps in this process and you wouldn't want to skip any of those.

The process becomes longer because of its secrecy. From finding her favorite diamond shape to finding a reliable online jewelry store, you'll need to do a number of tasks.

Mistake #10: Forgetting her Requirements

What's her job? Is she a chef? Or a nurse?

Because if she has to wear gloves during the job, it'll be difficult for her to work with a big diamond ring.

She'll be wearing the engagement ring most of the time. So, it should be according to her professional requirements too.

The ring shouldn't get in the way of her job. That'll force her to remove the ring multiple times a day, which is not only a big hassle but it can also result in her losing the ring.

While everyone likes big rings, you can buy her a small ring or an eternity band for her daily-wear.

Keep her daily requirements in mind when you're purchasing the ring. It should be beautiful and practical at the same time.

Mistake #11: Trusting your Friend Blindly

Some guys make this mistake. Instead of following a hands-on approach, they consult with their 'best friend' and follow his advice.

Some other guys follow the advice of their partner's best friend. While their inputs might be great for your research, don't trust them over your own instincts.

And don't trust them over the things you can see for yourself.

It's highly probable that your friend (or her friend) might be guessing the answer too. They might just be giving you a conjecture while you think that they're giving you concrete suggestions.

Ask them for advice but do your research too.

Mistake #12: Trusting the Salesperson Blindly

This is another mistake guys make when they're buying engagement rings.

You've never bought women's jewelry so you turn to the salesperson for advice. While the salesperson might give you some suggestions, just answer this question:

Who knows your partner better? You or the salesperson?

So who's the better judge here?

When you know her ring size, her favorite diamond shape, and her preferred jewelry designs, then you don't need to doubt your choice.

You can be confident in your purchase.

The salesperson can cause you some confusion. To avoid that, we suggest you buy diamond rings online.

Mistake #13: Not Checking the Quality

Don't forget to check the certifications.

The market is full of fraudsters and the last thing you'd want is to propose with a fake diamond.

Be sure to check and verify the quality of the diamond ring you're buying.

To avoid this problem, you should buy the ring from a reputable and reliable source. We can help you here.

At Jewelebrate, you'll only find certified jewelry. You can easily buy an engagement ring online through our vast collection, without facing any doubts or difficulty.

Mistake #14: Not Buying Online

Many people are skeptical to buy online. But did you know, buying jewelry online provides you with a lot of advantages?

You can save your time on the commute, get attractive discounts and offers, and choose from a humongous collection. With just a few clicks, you can buy an attractive engagement ring for her.

We know there are risks in buying online too, such as fake products, credit card fraud, etc.

But to avoid these problems, you should go to a reliable and reputed online jewelry store. You don't have to go anywhere else too.

You can go to our store and start your research. We have a variety of designs for diamond rings, so we're certain that you'll find the perfect engagement ring for her.


We hope you succeed in your engagement ring hunt. In case you have any questions regarding this guide or engagement rings, feel free to contact us. We'd surely help you.

And if you're looking for an engagement ring online, check our collection.

Let us know what you thought of this guide. We love to hear from you.

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