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Jewelry Guide for Seasons

Trends change and so does your style. Different seasons require you to try out different pieces.

The bracelet you used to love during summers might seem impractical to wear during winters. Due to these reasons, preparing for each season is necessary.

On the other hand, if you put a little effort into researching and understanding the latest seasonal trends, you'll be able to maintain your perfect looks without any difficulty.

And you don't have to worry in this regard because, in this guide, you'll find out what you can wear in different seasons.

But before we begin discussing what to wear in a specific season, you should find out how you can prepare for a season.

Let's get started.

How to Prepare for Different Seasons?

Preparation is vital. It helps you avoid mistakes and provides you with consistent looks.

You'll be able to create your perfect outfits and jewelry collections through a little preparation. But how do you prepare for a season?

The following points will help:

Find a Reliable Online Store

First and foremost, you should aim at finding a reliable online store.

Finding a reliable store isn't difficult but it's necessary. That's because the market is filled with different kinds of outlets and you'll have to find out which ones are trustworthy and which aren't.

When you'll be in touch with a reliable store, you wouldn't face problems in getting your jewelry.

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You can simply place orders and get valuable essential jewelry online without putting in any effort. A great store will also help you in finding out about the trends.

Why Online Store?

You might wonder why we mentioned an online store. Well, there are plenty of reasons to choose an online store over an offline one.

The following are a few of them:

–    Larger Inventory

Online stores tend to have bigger inventories than offline ones. This means you have more options to choose from and more freedom to modify your collection.

A large inventory also ensures that you get a huge variety of options to choose from.

–    Connected to Trends

Online stores are better connected to trends. They can easily update their collection and add the latest pieces for you to buy.

Such an advantage isn't available with offline jewelry stores. They can't modify their stock with such ease.

–    Easy Buying

Buying from an online store is much simpler and easier than an offline one.

With a few clicks, you can browse their entire collection and when you find something you like, you can place an order within a few minutes as well.

You don't have to face the traffic or waste your time when you buy jewelry online.

How to Find a Reliable Store?

Now you know the 'why', it's important that you know the 'how' as well.

To find a reliable jewelry store, you'll have to search for one online. You'll come across multiple options. But before you make any certain decisions, you should check the accreditations and policies of the store first.

Do they offer an exchange? What's their return policy? How good is their customer support? Do they offer discounts?

Keeping these points in mind will help you make a clear decision in this regard

Have a Great Source of Trends

You'll also have to stay in touch with the latest trends to make sure you look the best in all seasons.

Doing so is easy because the industry has plenty of fashion and jewelry blogs available. Through them, you can easily find out about the latest trends in the industry.

Simply search for 'jewelry trends for winter' or 'summer jewelry trends' and you'll come across a plethora of articles.

But there's another approach to this issue as well.

At Jewelebrate, you not only get a reliable store to buy your jewelry from but you also get a source of valuable information about jewelry trends and fashion.

With us, you won't have to go anywhere else to find out about the latest trends or the most attractive pieces.

Invest in Timeless Collections

While trends change, a few pieces of jewelry never get old.

They look amazing in all seasons, despite the numerous trends in fashion. You should get a few of these pieces and add them in your personal collection as well.

For timeless pieces, we suggest going with either cultural or contemporary designs.

Your choice depends on your personal preference. But both of these styles offer a lot of evergreen options.

Detailed diamond necklaces, gold bracelets, and gold chains are a few categories which work in all seasons.

Shopping Jewelry for Different Seasons:

Now that you know how you can prepare for every season, let's start discussing what you should wear in each of them:

For Winter/Fall:

Tip #1: Shine with Diamonds

Diamonds are your best bet during the winter season.

They are versatile and they have the ability to enhance any outfit without difficulty. You should invest in diamond earrings and rings for the season.

Most of the season, you'll be covered up under a thick layer of sweaters and/or mufflers. So, getting a diamond necklace might not be a great choice for the season.

Just ensure that you purchase diamond jewelry for the season.

Tip #2: Choose Big Rings

While you won't be able to wear necklaces or bracelets because of winter apparel, you can wear rings.

And winter is the perfect season to wear your big rings.

So if they were catching dust in your jewelry box, now is the time to take them out and start flaunting your beautiful fingers.

As winter apparel is bigger and more prominent looking than summer wear, it's important for you to wear appropriate jewelry for it.

Small rings will get unnoticed and won't even remain visible under your winter wear. That's why we suggest wearing big rings during the winters.

Tip #3: Wear Prominent Earrings

Apart from rings, your next most important piece of jewelry would be earrings.

So, invest in large and prominent earrings for your winter collection. The best option is to choose large ear studs or hoops.

And as we stated earlier, you should choose to go with diamond earrings for this purpose.

Large earrings will accentuate your face's beauty and make you a head-turner at any event. Be sure to have a collection of ear studs and hoops for the winter.

For inspiration, you can take a look at our collection of diamond earrings for women. We're certain that you won't be disappointed.

Tip #4: Buy Winter-Inspired Designs

Yes, the market has winter-inspired designs as well.

And the most awe-inspiring designs are inspired by snow-flakes.

You can wear these pieces in your daily wear and show others that you follow the spirit of the season. Winter-inspired designs come in all categories of jewelry.

A great inspiring piece in this regard is the Snowflake band. It looks simple but it is, in fact, a cool-looking piece.

Tip #5: Platinum or Sterling Silver?

For the winter season, you should stick with platinum or silver for your metal choices.

You can buy gold jewelry for the season too but the majority of your options should be in those two metals.

Platinum is more expensive but more luxurious so you can choose to invest in platinum rings. On the other hand, silver is more versatile and more pieces are available in this metal.

You can get silver earrings and rings to compliment your platinum rings as well.

Add diamonds to the mix too and you have the perfect winter jewelry!

Tip #6: Don't overdo it

While you're wearing prominent earrings and rings, it's important to stay in balance.

Make sure that you don't wear too many rings. Overdoing anything ruins the purpose of the same. Too many rings will make you look as if you're trying too hard.

Wear one signature ring and accentuate it with a few rings.

And if you wear a signature necklace, then don't wear many detailed rings.

Just keep these points in mind and you'll be good to go for this cold season.

For Summer/Spring:

Tip #7: Go with Colorful Pieces

Summer is about bright colors. Yellow, red, orange, all these colors signify the spirit of this season.

Not only them, blue and green can also work well during summers.

You should buy gemstone jewelry for the summers. And to add a little variety, get beaded necklaces too.

Ruby and sapphire are two of the most attractive stones you can wear during this season.

Tip #8: Layering is good

You'll be showing skin during the summers.

The skin you used to cover up with turtle-necks and long sleeves, you can now cover it with jewelry.

Layer your necklaces and show off your neckline, Buy gold necklaces and layer them up in your neck.

For layering, you should have multiple gold chains and necklaces of different sizes. Just ensure that they have similar designs or fall in the same category in terms of styling.

Otherwise, your neck-wear might seem too much out of place and ruin your look.

We suggest layering with 3-4 pieces of different lengths.

Tip #9: Show off your Arms with Bracelets

The long sleeves of the winter season have no place in the summers. Now you can wear multiple bracelets and beautify your arms.

With bracelets, you can follow two approaches:

1.    Wear a signature bracelet and then wear a few supportive bracelets for complementing the same

2.    Wear a signature bracelet and then wear multiple rings of contrasting pattern

Both of these approaches work. You can always switch up between one of these two.

But make sure that you don't try both of them at the same time. Otherwise, you'll look like a tribal queen (which is fine if you're going to a Tribe-themed party).

Buy thin as well as thick bracelets for the summers.

And if you want to try the look in option no. 2, then buy rings of similar designs as of the bracelet.

Tip #10: Multiple Accessories

Your accessories play a major role in your looks.

Make sure that your jewelry is according matches with your accessories too. You can also rely on different jewelry accessories for your fashion needs.

For example, you can buy beautiful anklets or toe rings for the summers. They'll enhance the looks of your feet and so, make you look more fantastic than before.

Apart from that, a hat and sunglasses should be according to your outfit.

You wouldn't want to end up with a mismatch in this regard. It can easily ruin your looks.

Tip #11: Buy Floral Designs

Summer is the season to show off your natural side.

Floral designs work well in this season because they match the spirit of the season. Both summer and spring are about cheerfulness, excitement, and happiness.

And floral designs fit into that description perfectly.

The best thing about these designs, they are available in rings, bracelets, as well as pendants.

Floral jewelry will go amazingly well with your summer dresses too.

Many prominent pieces have floral designs so you won't have to worry much in this regard. You can start things with our Lofty Bouquet Pendant.

Tip #12: Experiment with Different Styles

Summers give you a lot of freedom. Now is the perfect time to try different styles and experiment.

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You can try out different combinations and create your own and unique personal style. A few experiments we suggest include:

    Wearing thread and needle earrings but only in one ear

    Combining jewelry of two different styles (such as modern with cultural)

    Wearing beaded jewelry with your gemstone pieces for more color

There are a ton of things you can do while experimenting.

Concluding Thoughts

Now you know how you can look your best throughout the year. You must've also realized how different these seasons are.

That's why we first discussed the importance of finding a reliable online jewelry store. You can start shopping for gold and diamond jewelry at our store right away.

And if you liked this guide, let us know. We love to hear from you.

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