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Summer Jewelry Guide

The summer season is here and with it, comes a set of new fashion trends. Long sleeves, sweaters, turtle necks, they all will now go away.

You'll also be transforming your jewelry selection along with your wardrobe. But preparing your summer jewelry is difficult.

That's because your jewelry will be in more highlight than the winters. You'll be wearing short sleeves, t-shirts and showing more skin. Your jewelry will help you in accentuating your looks in this regard.

Due to this reason, many girls get confused as to what they should wear during the summer season.

You're lucky because, in this guide, you'll find out everything you need to know about summer jewelry. Our experts have compiled the most important tips for choosing summer jewelry.

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jewelry for summer

Tips for Your Summer Jewelry

Choose Bright Colors

Summer is all about bright colors! Red, yellow, orange, all of these colors work well in this season.

The bright colors will help you shine along with the sunlight. Just like your apparel, you'll need to choose bright colors for your jewelry.

You might wonder. How can I add bright colors to my jewelry?

For that, you'll need to wear a combo of gold and gemstone jewelry. Wear gold pendants, bangles, and earrings.

You can choose to wear diamond rings and earrings too.

Diamonds shine amazingly in sunlight and in a gold pendant, they look even better. Beaded necklaces are also a great way to go.

Our Charmed Bosk Pendant is a great selection for summer jewelry. The presence of clustered diamonds and beautiful design of the gold pendant make it a great choice for your summer wear.

gemstone rings for everyday wear

Wear Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones shine in this season. You need to add colors to your attire and what's a better way than to add colorful stones.

Ruby and Yellow Sapphire are the most attractive choices for summer, although you can wear other gemstones for your look too.

Grab a bunch of gemstone rings and make your collection eclectic. Two-finger rings are also a great way to flaunt your style.

For example, our Red Flame Two Finger Ring combines the beauty of nature, ruby, and modern design to accentuate your fingers.

Wear similar shades of gemstones to keep the colors balanced. Don't make the mistake of wearing too many different colors. Too many colors make people look like a clown.

Have Multiple Options (for Different Outfits)

We know you have different outfits, for parties, for office, for daily use, etc.

And just like your different outfits, have different jewelry options too. Having different options will give you more creative space and let you maintain a great personal style.

If you'll wear the same jewelry to different events, it'll make you look bad and boring. That's against the spirit of this season!

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So have a variety of options at hand.

Have beaded bracelets, pearl necklaces, diamond rings and many other different kinds of options in your collection.

Go with Hoops

Hoops are in trend, and they'll stay this way at least this year.

The best thing about hoops is their compatibility with summer dresses. You can wear them with formal wear too.

Or, you can wear think ear hoops to parties. Their versatility makes them a great choice for your summer apparel.

Don't forget, have a number of pairs for your fashion needs. We can't stress on this point enough.

To start with, you can take a look at the Clarkia Hoops. They are a great selection for party-wear thanks to their elegant design and eye-warming design.

Summer is the time for you to put your hair down or in a ponytail. Your ear hoops will beautify your face and catch attention in both looks.

Go with Floral Designs

If the winter season is a great time to embrace modern designs, summer is a great time to enjoy the nature-inspired designs.

Flowers and greenery are the signatures of both summer and spring.

They also go well with bright colors (read point #1). And if you like having fun, or have a feminine nature, then floral designs will go well with your personality too.

You can wear pendants, rings, bracelets, and cuffs carrying such designs.

If you wear a floral piece, it'd be better to accentuate it with a couple of other floral or nature-inspired pieces.

The same goes with your outfit. Floral designs go well with nature-inspired apparel.

Here's an inspirational piece:

The Petal Blush Pendant.

jewelebrate petal blush pendant

As you can see, it's majestic yet simple design is not only suitable for modern outfits but also a great addition to your summer collection.

It soothes the eye and goes amazingly well with multiple pieces.

Flaunt your Anklets

You'll be wearing sandals and shorts. After all, long pants will be uncomfortable to wear in the scorching heat of the sun.

As you'll be flaunting your legs, it'd be great to enhance their beauty with anklets. Anklets look amazing if you're wearing matching bracelets.

Anklets can help you stand out. And that's because they're not that popular in the western attires. Combine western outfits with beautiful anklets, you'll have your perfect summer look.

They'll look great with your sandals and let you flaunt your feet.

Have Sea-Inspired Designs

Seashells, fishes, blue stones, they all depict the sea.

And when you're walking on the beach, wearing sea-inspired jewelry, you know you're a fashionista. While summer is about bright colors, rocking blue and green wouldn't hurt too.

In fact, it can help you diversify your looks and enhance your appearance.

You'll find sea-inspired designs in bangles, bracelets, cuffs, and rings.

Blue is a great color choice to go with during this season. And on that note, we suggest taking inspiration from The Oval Sapphire Cluster Pendant.

It's a signature piece, which you can enhance with the help of other contrasting pieces. The numerous diamonds surround the exuberant sapphire, giving the appearance of a calming sea.

Perfect, isn't it?

Layer Your Neck

Summer gives you the great opportunity to layer your neck and show off your neckline.

Combine a bunch of necklaces of different sizes and matching colors and you'd get a beautiful array of jewels adorning your neck.

Layering is an awesome way to enhance your looks because it ticks all the boxes of summertime jewelry.

It is full of colors, variety and it shows that you're bold enough to try something new and eye-catching. You can use this technique for parties because multiple pieces work amazingly well with party wear.

While layering, make sure the necklaces and chokers are either in contrasting colors or matching colors.

One or two necklaces could be of other colors but if all of them are of varied colors, then it might not look good.

Wear Multiple Bracelets

Just like the necklaces, you can layer up your bracelets and get the same effect on your hands.

Multiple bracelets of different designs and colors will provide you with a bubbly and head-turning look. You should choose to go with gemstone bracelets for this purpose.

That's because gemstones come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, providing you with the much-needed variety.

As we discussed earlier, choose to go with bright colors or sea-related colors. Many amazing gemstones can help you here, such as emerald, sapphire, ruby, and yellow sapphire.

You'll have to try out different combinations first, in order to see what's working and what isn't. But once you've found a few amazing collections, you'll have drool-worthy looks to show off.

You can layer up bracelets through another method, and that's to stack up rings.

Wear one or two bracelets on an arm and wear matching rings to highlight them. They provide you with a similar yet unique effect. But rock this look only if you know that you won't have to use your fingers much.

Because rings can cause quite a hindrance.

Big and Prominent Studs

Your earrings will be your most attention-grabbing piece of jewelry. That's because, during summers, your face has more freedom than in winters.

You have the option to try out different hairstyles and due to that, your ears will remain in a highlight too.

And if you hate the idea of dangling earrings such as hoops, then the best thing you can do is wear prominent ear studs.

They don't get in your way but they look awesome. You can choose the style depending on your personal preference.

If you want to follow the season's trend, then you can take inspiration from floral studs such as our The Eternia Solitaire Studs.

Drop Earrings are Also an Option

We can't stress enough on the importance of earrings during the summer season. Just like hoops, drop earrings are also a great way to flaunt your fashion.

We've already stated why variety is important, you should also know that drops look beautiful with dresses and formal outfits.

So, for office parties, you should choose to go with drops.

The Countess Butterfly Needle and Thread is a great example in this regard. It's a needle and thread earring but the looks help you show off your nature-inspired fashion.

Use it for inspiration and find the perfect pieces for your personal jewelry collection.

Don't forget the Chokers!

Your neckline looks cute and chokers are the way to go during this summer season.

Chokers are perfect for your party-wear necessities. They'll also help you in creating a compelling look when you'll combine them with necklaces.

If you don't want to layer up then too, chokers can help you maintain a sophisticated, bold and fashionable look.

They are a vital summer accessory which you shouldn't neglect. In fact, you'll notice that many celebrities rock chokers during the summers.

Don't miss out on this trend.

Mix Different Styles

This one is important.

Today's fashion has evolved a lot. It's no longer restricted to one specific style. It's freer and so more fun.

So use this opportunity to experiment and create an advanced fashion statement.

For example, you can wear a needle and thread on one ear and leave the other one empty. Fill one arm with bracelets and the other one with rings.

Combine two amazing colors and wear only those pieces which have them.

The possibilities are endless.

You can wear a cultural and detailed necklace and accentuate it with multiple simple pieces. Try out new combinations with your attires and your jewelry and see what you can come up with. We're certain you'll find some breath-taking combinations.

Include Accessories in your Style

Rings and necklaces can only do so much work. You'll also need to throw in a few accessories here and there to complement them.

Sunglasses, toe rings, anklets, they all can help you create awe-inspiring and head-turning combinations.

You'll need these accessories after all. Don't neglect them when you're creating your personal style.

If your shades look out of place then what's the use of putting on so much jewelry? Make sure that you consider them while choosing your jewelry too.

What accessories will you be wearing? Do they match your jewelry? What can you do to make them compatible?

Keep such points in mind and you'll be able to keep a consistent appearance.

Keep Things Light

Last but not least, don't wear heavy jewelry.

Just like you wear light clothes during summers, you should opt for light pieces as well. It'll keep you comfy and happy.

Keep the heavy pieces only for few occasions. They're not suitable for beach parties.

When you're layering your jewelry, only use light pieces. You can keep a signature piece but don't compromise your comfort for looks.

Concluding Thoughts

This is it.

All you have to keep in mind is colors, comfort, experiments and your personal style. We hope you found this guide helpful and enjoyed it.

In case you have any questions regarding summertime jewelry, feel free to ask us any questions. And if you want to buy summer jewelry online, we can help you there too. Let us know what you thought of this guide, we love to hear from you.

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