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This, that or THAT! Jewelry for your different moods!

After all, our store alone has hundreds of pieces for you to choose from. You can easily get confused as to what you should pick and what you shouldn't. 

To help you out, our experts have picked the most promising and attractive designs for this season. 

Start off with any one of these and make your collection a trendsetter.

Let's dive right into it. 


When you're feeling blue, you'd hate wearing a happy and fun-loving design.

Similarly, when you're feeling adventurous, you wouldn't like to wear a conventional design. 

There is a deep relationship between jewelry and emotions. It can influence your mood just like the clothes you wear.

That's why we recommend buying multiple pieces so you can have choices when you're thinking What should I wear today?

Another example of the relationship between jewelry and emotions is of family's heirlooms. We pass on our jewelry from one generation to the next because of its emotional value. 

So it's understandable why you can easily pick jewelry for your different moods.

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The Ruby Regalia Earrings

buy ruby earrings for women at jewelebrate

Whether you're going to a friend's wedding or a cultural event, this pair of earrings will be a great choice for your attire. 

Following the footsteps of popular traditional designs, the Ruby Regalia Earrings are suitable for ethnic wear too. So when you have to go to such an event, these earrings will be helpful.

These are prominent pieces. Whenever you're in the mood to show off your fashion, wear these.

The Happy Holly Bracelet

jewelebrate happy holly bracelet

If you're feeling content, adventurous and happy, this bracelet will match your mood.

The three flowers at the top, along with the simple chain-like design, make this bracelet give this piece a pleasant and soothing appearance.

The best thing about this bracelet is you can wear it daily. It's light and simple, which makes it perfect for daily wear.

The Glowing Sapphire Palm Frond Pendant

buy best sapphire pendant at jewelebrate


Gemstone pendants are in fashion and they're likely to remain there for upcoming years.

The contrast of 2 sapphires is complimented by that eye-catching palm frond design. This pendant is an evergreen piece, which means you can wear it in any mood and season.

To highlight this pendant, you can wear a sapphire ring in your hands too. And if you're not a fan of sapphire, then you can get this design with ruby and emerald as well.

The Gleaming Diamond Chain

diamond necklace womens

Every girl should have a diamond chain in her collection.?


That's because you can wear diamond chains with modern as well as traditional outfits. They are amazingly versatile.

The sparkle of this diamond chain and its simplistic design makes it suitable for party wear as well.

It's not an attention-grabbing chain, so you can use it to accentuate another statement piece. 

The Plumeria Studs

plumeria stud earrings for women

When you feel like you should be working on a project, wear these studs.

The Plumeria studs take inspiration from nature for their beautiful design and their small size makes them suitable for office wear.

They won't come in your way. 

They'll just stay there and make your face sparkle just like the different diamonds present in them. 


In the end, you have to choose which piece you want to wear and which you don't. But we're certain that this little collection will help you in making an informed decision.

Feel free to choose any one (or all) of these.

And if you think any of your friends can benefit from this collection then share it with them too!

Let us know what you thought of this collection. And if you've tried any one of these pieces, then let us know how much you liked the same.

We love to hear from our audience.

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